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Ghostpile NEWS

  • On 4/1/19, Ghostpile has officially launched! 

  • Promotional page is open for takers! If you are interested in our promotional services, head on over to the submissions page, or check out our Services page for more info.

  • Our sixth issue of our Music Charts has been released! Check the Music Charts page for more information!

  • Visit the Submissions page to start submitting your CREEPY SCARY HALLOWEEN MUSIC!

Sound Scale

music charts

Vote for your favorite music! The music charts are all about showing you new music to listen to, and giving exposure out to everyone involved, while being able to vote for your favorites. You can submit your own music, or a friend's music, to be considered! 

Nominations for Issue #7 are open! 

Head to the submissions page to start submitting your scariest music for HALLOWEEN! We are only accepting singles for this month unless you have a halloween album, then please submit it.

Issue no. 6 has been released!

Issue 7 winners announced  November 5th, 2019.

Sound equipment

reviews & releases

We are currently accepting submissions for music reviews. Head on over to the submissions page to be considered on the list!

Recent music reviews include Hollowlove, Sapphira, Ben Blackett, and Terrordyne! Click here to read.

Cyber Shaman released his collaborative electronic album with several other artists on 5/17! Check it out here.

Gravity Gun recently released their newest album, "Soft Machine" on 4/1! Check out their page for all information!


Time Thief 's new album "I'M NOT INTERESTED IN REALITY" has been officially released Friday, July 26th! Check out his music!

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the Less Dead

Cool tunes.

They may be less dead,

but for this month they are

...more dead?

Deadly music for a spooky month, check it.

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