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how to become part of our label

Ghostpile Records is an independent promotional record label. What we mean by promotional is that we do not distribute any artists' music aside from our own as we are still in our early stages.


Will we do distribution in the future? Perhaps.


With that being said, because we are a promotional record label, we unfortunately cannot have anyone officially sign onto our label. This means that you are free to do what you please as an independent artist, even sign onto a distribution label if you'd like. All we do is promote you, and if you would like us to distribute music for you in the future, we would be happy to do so when we get to that point.

Now you're wondering, how do we go about becoming part of the roster?

There's a couple things you would have to keep in mind before considering our label, such as:

  • You have to have a certain following on social media. This means, you have to have some type of following, whether it be on twitter or Instagram, or any other social media. 

  • Your music is experimental. One of the things we look for in our roster is how experimental your music is. We take on the unique artists, the ones that stand out, the ones that do not sound like the others. We accept the different, quirky, and the strange.

  • Your music is electronic or hip hop. Our roster is made up of unique electronic artists and hip hop artists.

  • Your production quality is professional. We look for professionally produced music, plain and simple. Balanced, equal, and clear.

Now that you know our terms, and you've checked off on all four, what's next?

Contact us through the submissions page, or send us a direct email, and in a few short sentences, explain your reasoning for wanting to choose us. (because we'd love to know your reason why!)

Seems good. Is there a catch though?


Becoming part of our label will include a myriad of things, such as continuous music reviews, playlists, ALL partnership perks that we offer, merchandise, and more. We will be working hard to make sure you as an artist feel appreciated and become known for the great music that you produce. Because of the work we put in to make sure this all happens, we require a flat fee (nothing monthly)**** so we can continue the services that we provide to you, until forever. We are currently updating our offers and services as time goes on, as for being a new label, there's plenty of different opportunities out there that we can achieve for you as an artist.

If this all sounds good to you, head to the submissions page to get started. Any inquiries can be sent through there as well.

Thank you for considering us!

****Please note that we do not make any promises or guarantees. We are a new label and we are growing slowly, but surely. However putting your trust in us makes our determination stronger and despite our numbers, we will work hard for you. It's up to you to use our services to your hearts content and be patient with us! Because one thing I can say, is that in the future, this will all be worth it for us and for you.

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