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about our partnerships

Making Music

As a part of our label, we offer several different services at a special rate as well as services that come with being under our label. All services are taken into effect immediately after joining our roster, and you may use these services to your advantage.

If you are interested in becoming part of our label, please refer to this page here before contacting us.

All services listed below may be contacted directly if you are under our label. If you are not part of our label but wish to contact our partners about any of their regular services and what they can offer to you as an artist, please feel free to.

We are always open to more partnerships for the future. If you are a business and would like to offer any services to our roster, please contact us.

our label partnership perks

public relations

Our PR is done by AL Geiner. As part of our label, you as an artist/band will be included in our label PR and it will contain many great opportunities to get your music out there.

If you are interested in individual PR, he has set up a discounted PR rate for artists in our roster.

Contact Al through his website here if you would like more information about his services.

album art

Our partner Codex84 will offer his services to you at a incredibly discounted rate for album artwork if part of our roster. Check his artwork here.

If interested in his artwork for anything other than album art, he has openings available for that as well.

Contact The Alchemist via email here.

radio station

When part of our label, you will be getting frequent internet radio station exposure through our partner Martin from Radio-Dark-Tunnel. 

This is a free service; Martin is a great supporter and will support you regardless of being under our label or not!

Check out his website here.

more album art

If you're looking for more surrealist artwork, Amira Brown is offering her services to us at a fair rate for anyone under our roster.  Check out her artwork here.

Amira is an illustrator and has a different kind of art that shows the strange, curious, and unusual side of the mind.

Contact Amira via email here.

band merch

Gerbasio Design has partnered with us to provide a good service to those part of our roster when it comes to merchandise. 

He has provided us with discounted rates for merch done for you as an artist and is willing to work with anyone when it comes to prices.

Contact Tom through his website here.


If you are an upcoming artist looking for a professional producer to create high quality beats for you, we offer a discounted rate for artists under our label.

Time Thief produces his own music and takes time to create professional beats and is always available to take up projects.

Contact Time Thief on his page here.

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